Yin Yoga, Massage and Aromatherapy for Energy

by Melissa West on January 11, 2017

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Yin Yoga and Aromatherapy

It is winter and you may have noticed you have a strong desire to withdraw and hibernate. This is a natural tendency at this time of year as nature turns inwards and the days are shorter. The days are literally colder and there is a natural tend propensity to contract in our physical bodies.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, winter season is the time that kidney energy can weaken as well. This can add to our experience of low energy.

The kidneys are the dominant organ of winter. The kidneys step up with energy when our energy is low, but when we work overtime, become stressed or push too much even when we are exhausted our kidney organ can become over-taxed.

Today we are going to take some time in a yin yoga pose called butterfly pose to stimulate your kidney meridian.

Your kidney meridian begins at your little toe in each foot, runs up through the sole of your foot, through your arch and inside of your knees and legs. It enters your torso near your tailbone. We will focus on the part of your kidney meridian along the sole of your foot and your inner thighs.

In addition we will massage the kidney meridian along the sole of your feet and inner thighs to stimulate your kidney meridian and the aromatherapy of Bergamot, Lemongrass and Jasmine awakens your body and bring energy in the darker winter months.

Benefits of Bergamot – relieves stress and muscle tension, relieves headaches, antidepressant

Benefits of Lemongrass – boosts energy, relieves headaches, relieves muscle pain

Benefits of Jasmine – Helps to relax and uplift your spirit, relieves stress, anxiety and lifts depression

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If you would like more support this winter season, I highly recommend our yoga for winter series in our membership community.

This is a five class series one for each week-day designed to balance your body during the winter months. According to traditional chinese medicine the kidneys/adrenal glands are the yin organs of the winter season and the bladder is the yang organ of for this time of year. Ayurvedic medicine calls winter Kapha Dosha time. Winter is a time of year when nature is inactive, everything slows down and so should we. Here are the classes for the days of the week. Monday: Kidney and Kidney Meridians, Tuesday: Bladder and Bladder Meridians, Wednesday: Kapha Dosha, Thursday: Adrenal Glands and Adrenal Fatigue, Friday: Restorative Yoga.

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  • Carla Van de Schoot

    Good idea. I will start the winter series this evening. I like staying in the season. And a short lesson is practical on weekdays. I will do the treat with the oil afterwards, looks great. I don’t have the same oil, mine is with lavender. Is that okay?

    • Enjoy the winter series Carla, it is fabulous for this time of year. Lavender is a lovely calming oil. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sami Kapela Jackson

    My, happy accident, go-to winter oil blend is peppermint, lavender and grapefruit ๐Ÿ™‚ I suffer form seasonal affective disorder and find this blend to be very useful. I mixed it up by accident one day and now realize that NOTHING is accidental ๐Ÿ™‚

    The peppermint is stimulating, yet also addresses the head-achy/nausea symptoms that often accompany my life during winter, the grapefruit oil has antidepressant properties that give me a relaxing and uplifting feeling. Like peppermint it also has stimulating effects on your brain, which makes me more alert. The lavender helps to calm the anxiety I feel, and gives a balance to the stimulating effects of the other oils without negating them.

    • Your blend sounds wonderful Sami. Thank you for sharing your happy accident here! ๐Ÿ™‚ Namaste, Melissa

  • Carla Van de Schoot

    I wanted to leave a comment under the Friday lesson of the winter series, but there was no pssibility for that.
    Anyways, I really liked it!
    But I DO need that bolster now!

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