Yoga Classes for the Colon

by Melissa West on May 13, 2013

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Yoga Classes for the Large Intestine

: Today’s question comes from Daniel for his aunt, she has colon problems, and she asked me if there are exercises that can help her. So I ask you Dr., do you have a class about this? or maybe yoga is not the right thing for her. What do I do?

Yoga-to-help-your-ColonDear Daniel, so first she should speak with her doctor and make sure that yoga is ok for her medical condition. The colon is the same as the large intestine. I will show you the quintessential yoga pose for the large intestine and then share the Namaste Yoga videos and my best yoga video for digestive issues and the colon.

Demonstrate Knee to Chest Pose/Apanasana
Namaste Yoga 46
Namaste Yoga 10 Large Intestine 
Namaste Yoga 9 Lungs and Large Intestine
Yoga for Digestion
(also available on my membership site)



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