Yoga Classes for Your Spine

by Melissa West on March 12, 2014

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Free Spinal Yoga Classes


Free-Spine-Help-VideosToday’s question comes to us from Pat via email and she requested a yoga class for her spine:

Let me share with you my favourite pose for your spine before I share with you several links to classes that will be luxurious gifts for your spine.

Cat Pose

Namaste Yoga 177 Less is More

This class focuses on breathing, grounding and spinal elongation

Very much like the principles in my first DVD.


Namaste Yoga 201 Benefits of Yoga: Nervous System

This class is all about your spine! 🙂

Namaste Yoga 14 Releasing Spinal Tension


Namaste Yoga 133 Beginner’s Series Twists


Namaste Yoga 26: Special Series on Hindu Deities Shakti

This class has the spinal energy series but also focuses on hip openers

Namaste Yoga 83: Lord of the Fish Pose

This class focuses on opening up your thoracic spine


Namaste Yoga 132 Beginner’s Series Backbends

This class focuses on releasing your spine with twists and side bends to prepare for backbends.


Namaste Yoga 91 Cobra Pose

This class focuses on freeing up your spine to prepare you for cobra pose


Namaste Yoga 90 Chandrasana

This class focuses on lengthening your spines


Namaste Yoga 123 Ganesh’s Cat

This class focuses on spinal flexibility


Namaste Yoga 30 Shiva and Kali

This class releases your spine in preparation for wheel pose

The Wave of the Spine


Lengthen the Spine Through Breath and Gravity


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