Yoga decreases Sick Days

by Melissa West on October 7, 2012

Good news! Yoga Could Decrease Costs, Sick Days For People With Chronic Back Pain

Specialised yoga classes could provide a cost-effective way of treating patients with chronic or recurrent low back pain, according to the UK’s largest ever study of the benefits of yoga.

Led by the University of York, and funded by Arthritis Research UK, the study provides an evaluation of a specially-developed 12-week group yoga intervention programme compared to conventional general practitioner (GP) care alone.

The study was carried out by researchers from the University of York’s Department of Health Sciences and the Centre for Health Economics, and the Hull York Medical School.

The results published in Spine, show that the yoga intervention programme – ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ – is likely to be cost effective for both the UK National Health Service (NHS) and wider society.

Researchers also found that those taking part in the yoga programme had far fewer days off work than those in the control group. On average, a control group participant reported 12 days off due to back pain, whereas those in the yoga group had four days off. The cost associated with taking time off was -1,202 for a control group member, compared with -374 for a yoga group member.

The trial involved two groups of people who were identified as having chronic or recurrent back pain. A group of 156 people were offered group yoga classes specially designed to improve back function, while a second control group of 157 people received GP care alone.

The 12-week yoga programme was delivered by 12 experienced yoga teachers.

‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ course addresses joint mobility, muscle-strengthening, emphasis on the breath, mental attitude to pain and perspective on life lessons, postural awareness and low back education, relaxation techniques, and advice about other potentially health-giving techniques and benefits.”

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