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Today’s question comes to us via email from Chris about the Yoga for Arthritis Hips Video:

Hips-Arthritis-HelpI’ve been doing your yoga for hip arthritis and it is going really – I really think it will help me.

Just a quick question… if I sit on the floor with my legs stretched out in front of me, I have no problem lifting my good hip leg, but absolutely cannot lift my dodgy hip leg (my left).

This is the trouble I have getting into the car (passenger side, where my left leg is the last one to get in the car) – I actually have to physically lift my leg with my arms, otherwise it is so hard and painful trying to get into the car!

I have quite good external rotation, but very bad internal rotation and the muscles in and around my groin are ridiculously tight.

Can you please advise which exercises in particular might help this problem? They’re the ones I want to do more of so that I can reduce my pain and use my leg again!

These are great questions.

When you sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you and trip to lift your dodgy hip leg – that takes a good deal of strength in your quadricep muscles.

This is actually quite important when it comes to arthritis because if you can gain more strength in the muscles then you put less strain on your joints.

So, as I look over my notes to the yoga for arthritis class I see there are a lot of poses that build quadricep strength from bridge pose to chair pose to the warrior I and II poses.

To deal with your tight groin muscles the butterfly one at the end with the soles of your feet together is great to stretch your groin (bound angle pose) instead of moving your legs up and down you could hold it statically.


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