Yoga for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Today’s question comes from Piyawadee from the membership site:

Yoga-for-Carpal-Tunnel-SyndromeHi Melissa, I have recently discovered that I might have carpal tunnel syndrome. Just happened to watch the tv show call embarrassing bodies( uk show) and have one lady have very much the same system as I am. I’m a chef do lots for cooking. Pls pls if you have one all about the hands.namaste

Dear Piyawadee

It is really important to make sure that you get checked by a medical professional to make sure you truly have carpal tunnel syndrome. Sometimes tightness and constriction coming from your neck that is causing pain in your wrist and tingling in your fingers. So definitely check with your medical doctor or a medical professional.

Let’s do a little stretch for your carpal tunnel that will help with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Standing up, take your arms out to the side in a soft T with your shoulders relaxed. Make a relaxed fists with your thumbs on the outside.

Flex your wrists so that you move your fists towards your body, extend your wrists so your are moving your fists away from your body. Breathe as you move.

Tuck your thumbs in, move your fists up and down towards the ceiling and the floor as your breathe.

I’m happy to tell you we already have 2 classes for hands and wrists that are fabulous for carpal tunnel syndrome. Here is a playlist that I created for classes for hands and wrists.

Intro to Hand Connective Tissue Class
Yoga for Hands and Wrists

Definitely check them out and let me know how these classes help you.

Namaste, Melissa


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