Why do we do yoga for evenings by 9 pm?

by Melissa West on November 25, 2014

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yoga for evenings by 9 pm

Yoga-by-Nine-PMToday’s question comes from Namaste Yoga member Fiona:
Can I ask why you are meant to do Yoga for Evenings before 9pm, cos I frequently find myself going over 9pm and wondered if that was wrong/bad?

Thank you for a great question Fiona. First of all Fiona is talking about a class I filmed a number of years ago now that you can access by signing up for my newsletter on my website. (look for the signup image). This is the only way to receive the morning and evening yoga videos. They are not available anywhere else on the web, except if you are a member and then we make it available to you within your membership community as well.

To answer Fiona’s question, the timing of Yoga for Evenings, has to do with the Ayurvedic clock and the natural rhythm of your body. From 6pm to 10 pm your body enters into a kapha state, dull, slow, stable and heavy, which makes it ideal to move into a sleeping state. This class is timed to be done before 9 pm so that you can do the class and take advantage of that time slot to move into a good night`s sleep.

At 10 pm, your body shifts again from kapha to pitta. So you could get a second wind, making it difficult to get a good night`s sleep. The pitta state is designed for you to go into “repair and digest” mode – digest experiences, emotions and any remaining food from the day. It lasts from 10pm to 2 am.

Yoga for Evenings can help to support your healthy bedtime routine. It allows your some quiet time to unwind, for self-reflection and restoration. Yoga for evenings will prepare your body for rest and help move your body’s agitated sympathetic nervous system from fight and flight mode into the parasympathetic system’s rest and digest mode.

If you are interested in learning more about Yoga and Ayurveda, check out my yoga classes on the topic: click here

Thanks for a great question.

Namaste, Melissa


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