Yoga for Eyes

by Melissa West on August 27, 2012

Hello Melissa,
Thank you for being you.!
I am wondering about eyes. I suffer from extremely dry eyes and I treat them with over the counter lubricating drops. I notice that when I do yoga my eyes moisten and feel completely normal. What a great surprise and relief it is to get rid of the sandpaper feeling for a while! So, Yes yoga does make everything better….. *Unfortunately for the rest of the day (when I’m not doing yoga) they dry up again. Is there any particular session that will help my eyes?
Love Kate

Here are a couple of episodes of Namaste Yoga that have eye yoga exercises in them.

Namaste Yoga 111
Vishnu Series: Lion’s Pose

Namaste Yoga 69: Chakras and Their Archetypes: Third Eye

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