Yoga for Migraines

by Melissa West on March 17, 2012

There are more people who suffer from migraine disease than diabetes, asthma, and epilepsy combined. The world health organization estimated that in 2003, 303 million people worldwide were migraineurs. A 2004 article suggested that there are almost 20 million migraine attacks happening every day!

There are tones of misconceptions about migraines. As somebody who has experienced migraines for only a short time I’m sure I have only experienced some of the stigma attached to them, but I have experienced enough to feel inspired to speak up and advocate to the millions of people who suffer not only from excruciating physical pain but also from gross misunderstandings about exactly what migraines are all about.

Migraine disease is not a psychological disease caused by stress. Migraine disease is a genetic neurological disease. That means it is something that people are born with. People with migraine disease have a different biochemical make up in their brains. People with migraines do not need to relax more, take a break from their life or meditate more. Let me tell you one thing, no amount of meditating during a migraine attack is going to stop the chemical reaction that happens the migrainer’s brain!!!

I can’t tell you the number of people who have told me to meditate more to cure my migraines. First of all, although I’m sure their intentions are coming from the best place, I can’t imagine these people have actually ever experienced a migraine. When I’m having a migraine, the last thing I’m able to do is meditate!!!!

Since January 10th 2012 I’ve experienced at least one and sometimes multiple migraine attacks a day. So many people have told me in not so many words that I am causing them. “You do too much.” “You need to take a break.” “Your too anxious.” “Your too stressed out.”

One day sitting in my doctor’s office, he looked at me point blank and told me, “it’s stress.” After a experiencing more than a month of migraines at that point and having to quit all work, I looked straight back at him and said, “let me tell you about the biggest stress in my life right now… the biggest stress I encounter in my life right now is the migraines themselves. This daily attack on my physical body is the biggest stress that I’m experiencing. Can you please help me eliminate that stress?”

Of course I wanted to do something to help the millions of people who suffer from migraines. This yoga video was my first attempt to reach out to help my fellow migraineurs. This video was created in response to what has personally helped me. You may be surprised what you find here! There is no talk of reducing stress in your life (thank god!). There are also no neck stretches, heck I try to move the energy as far away from your head as possible! I hope you will find this video helpful. E-mail me ( and let me know or leave your comments below. Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Youtube!


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