Yoga for Perfectionism

by Melissa West on December 2, 2013

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Today’s question comes from Veronica from email:

Yoga-and-PerfectionismThinking about intentions; I feel that I don’t flow with life. I want to get rid of things that do not work or I do not use. I would like everything to be neat and clean. Time never reaches me because my boyfriend does not help me or help me very little; and also because I’m too perfectionist. I would appreciate any idea or asana to help me.

I am thinking of two yoga classes that could be quite helpful for you.

There are two classes on acceptance:

Namaste Yoga 141 Keepin’ it Real Yogi Acceptance

Namaste Yoga: 4 Yoga for Acceptance with Dr. Melissa West

Dr. Susan Baili, MD, in her Article Let Go of Perfectionism, Pleasing, and Performing for Psychology Today says “So many of us are trying to live up to expectations or reputations. A good reputation is a good thing, but it goes bad when you start to feel that you can’t be human. What if you just let yourself be your messy human self and trusted that all would be okay anyway? That your real self, with its full range of emotion and performance (from great to profoundly imperfect) is just fine. More than enough, actually.”

We practice yoga to come to know our True Selves. The part of ourselves that is already perfect whole and complete regardless of whether everything is neat and clean and whether our boyfriends helps us or not. The more I practice yoga the less it becomes contingent on my kitchen being tidy.

The other yoga class I would recommend is “Breathe Love and Let Go
That is a class I created when I had to let go of a lot in my life and realized that I the only thing I had left was the flow of my breath … and you know what? That was enough.

Dr. Susan Baili suggests, “Practice letting go, and reminding yourself that to the essence of your very cells you are enough. You are good enough just as you are. You don’t need to prove it to anyone. The people who count most will already know, anyway.”

Thanks for a great question Veronica.


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