Yoga for Shoulder Injuries

by Melissa West on March 28, 2013

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What yoga should I do to help with a shoulder injury?

Hi Melissa, I wanted to thank you for all your great videos and love the new website format add ons! they are really helpful. i have had such a time with my left shoulder and I am working with a therapists that is really releasing a lot of the adhesions that over years caused this compensation to affect the humerus head – its so jammed up in the socket. so i have on off days started to do your shoulder video at modified positions when some are too painful. do you have any other suggestions? do you think this video over time will eventually release this pain? I have cut out sugars and dairy too as I have read your blogs on diet. my career is in home health and I am a director of nursing and its very stressful. I think this has added to all the manifestations of what I am experiencing. I sit now more than ever in front of a computer. I am not conscious of sitting so long and all of a sudden my neck and shoulders are tense. thanks again for all your help! You are such a joy!

Dear Teresa, Thank you so much for your kind words. It sounds like your therapist is doing great work releasing the adhesions. I would definitely recommend Yoga for the Upper Back Neck and Shoulders and Yoga for the Upper Back Neck and Shoulders 2. These are two great videos that work on range of motion and stretch the muscles around your neck, upper back and shoulders. Cutting out sugars and dairy will also help with joint pain. You might also want to check out an anti inflammatory diet as well because this will do wonders at reducing joint pain as well. I talked about this a lot in my Yoga for Insomnia series on the membership site.
You are very sweet too! Thank you for your yoga!

Namaste, Melissa

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