Yoga for Weight Loss

by Melissa West on

I get asked this question a lot. Can I lose weight doing yoga? The answer is yes, but perhaps not for the reasons you might assume. For me, yoga allows you to truly come to know your self. Through your growing awareness you will learn what is best for you including what is the best movement and exercise for your body and what is the best nourishment and nutrition for your body. The cornerstone of yoga philosophy is ahimsa/nonviolence. The more you practice yoga, you will grow in awareness in how you treat your body and you will no longer inflict violence on your body through the food you eat or the exercise you inflict on it to make up for the unhealthy food you’ve over indulged in. If you are practicing non-violence you won’t harm your body with processed foods. You will nourish your body with nutritious whole-foods and because of your yoga practice you will be mindful of how nourishing and good that feels in your body. In this video I talk about how I eat a whole-foods, vegan, gluten free diet and I do so because of migraine disease. My body is a very sensitive feedback machine, if I don’t eat a pristine diet then I get bad migraines. If everybody had this kind of sensitive feedback system everybody would be skinny. When you practice yoga you can become in tune with your body, your body will become a clear channel and you will want to feed it clean, nutritious food and therefore you will find your optimal weight.

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