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Yoga for when you’re sick?

Hiya there Melissa,

I know you have the video on yoga for immunity, but wanted to check in with you about whether that was something to do just to strengthen immunity during cold/flu season or if it’s okay to do it when you’re actually sick. I’ve got a booger of something going on right now and would like to do everything natural I possibly can to let my body heal from it. I know in the past I’ve been told to stay away from things like massages when sick, so wasn’t sure if I should hold off on the yoga too or if it would be good for me. If there’s any specific breathing exercises or poses you do when you’re sick I’d love to know what they are. And if there are already on the immunity video, just let me know and I’ll do that!

Dear Mindy

This is a great question. The immunity boost is a video that was designed for use when you feel like your immunity system might be compromised or when you are coming into cold and flu season.

When you are sick stay in bed! Rest, recover. I have been known to do guided meditations from bed when I’m sick for prolonged periods of time. The Loving Kindness Retreat was created out of a long period in bed when I couldn’t do much yoga. Try some of those guided meditations. Even the short meditations in the meditation section such as the grounding, centering and shielding meditation as well as the 3 minute meditation for Prosperity and Self Esteem.

If you are feeling well enough to do a little yoga then the restorative classes are great. Waning to the Dark Moon is a nice class for when you are beginning to mend but not ready for a full-blown class.

I hope that helps Mindy and I hope you are feeling better soon.

Love, Melissa


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