Yoga Lowers Blood Pressure

by Melissa West on August 1, 2012

Suba from FaceBook, She was asking for a yoga set to lower blood pressure which led me to want to uncover research that shows that yoga lowers your blood pressure. So this is another good news post. Yoga lowers your blood pressure!

Yoga works for lowering blood pressure in cardiac rehab. This study comes from a rehabilitation program in Germany in 2010.

For the study itself, 340 male cardiac-rehab patients, all of whom were diagnosed with hypertension following their initial cardiac event, were randomized to a standard intensive cardiac-rehab program that included either PMR (progressive muscle relaxation) or Viniyoga over a three-week period. All subjects were encouraged to participate in five sessions a week, with both programs lasting approximately half an hour each time.

At the end of the three weeks of “in-patient” training, systolic blood-pressure levels in men in the yoga group declined by 8 mm Hg, as compared with 6 mm Hg in the PMR (progressive muscle relaxation) group.

It is believed that by releasing stress held in the body yoga can lower blood pressure.

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