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by Melissa West on May 14, 2014

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Mudras Explained

Yoga-MudrasHi Dr Melissa, I am wondering if you can explain yoga mudras? I’m following your classes and I sit and follow your direction, but am I supposed to be thinking anything? Like chanting or something?

Dear Sandra

That is a great question. Usually the mudra I choose for the class goes with the theme of the class and I will tell you at the beginning of the mudra what the mudra is for. The intention of the mudra is the quality you are trying to cultivate in your mind while you are using the mudra. So for example in episode 200 on transformation we used a mudra for transformation.

So the intention was transformation and you could be thinking about transformation or the quality of transformation while you meditate.

Let’s practice one of my favourite mudras today the Ganesh mudra. This mudra opens up your heart and gives you courage, confidence and openness towards other human beings. So as you hold this mudra you can cultivate the feelings of courage, confidence and open-heartedness.

If you want to learn more about mudra’s Kerry Wannamaker usually includes one in her weekly challenges on our membership site: Namaste, Melissa









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