The 2 Best Yin Yoga Poses for Constipation in 5 mins

by Melissa West on

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In this video I am going to show you the best yin yoga poses for constipation. You may be wondering my track record for relieving constipation. Well back in the day when our babies were young, all the moms used to call me the ¨poop Queen¨ they would hand me their constipated babies and inevitably in under 30 minutes I would hand their babies back with dirty diapers. Using the same principles here, I will help you relieve your constipation too.

OK, so how did I help those babies, and how is that going to translate to yin yoga and you? The first thing I like to do is relax the large intestines or the ascending and descending colon so that you can release your poop. We will do that with Bananasana. This will help to lengthen out your colon and relax your entire abdominal area.

If you have low back issues, I would recommend you do this pose with your knees bent.


The second thing we will do is put pressure on the large intestines/colon to help move the poop along. We will do this with Child´s Pose. If this is putting strain on your knees or ankles you can do this pose lying on your back.

Hold each pose for five minutes and apply the principles of yin yoga. Come into the pose, find the appropriate edge, that is you want to feel sensation, but you do not want it to be sensational. Once you come into the pose, soften the muscles so that you access the deeper connective tissues of your body. Then let time and gravity do all the work.

You know how much I love my fabulous finishers, so if you made it all the way to the end of this video put, ¨My colon is relaxed and decompressed now¨ in the comments

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