3 Ways to Use a Yoga Strap for Shoulder Pain

by Melissa West on August 1, 2018

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Yoga Strap for Shoulder Pain

#1. Yoga Strap Shoulder Reset

How To: Hold your yoga strap with your palms facing down wider than shoulder width apart. Breathe in and take your arms overhead. Your palms will now face forward. Now arch them all the way overhead and down to your waist behind you. Repeat 5xs.

Benefits: This movement with the strap will reset your shoulders so that your chest is not collapsed inward. Opening up your chest, relieving those tight chest muscles can go a long way in lessening shoulder pain. This movement will also improve the range of motion in your shoulder joints.

#2 Rotate and Side Bend

How To: Hold onto your yoga strap with your palms facing down shoulder width apart. Arch your arms overhead and rotate to the side. Now side bend and feel the opening under your arms. Repeat to the other side. Do each side 5xs

Benefits: When we sit too long during the day we get weak latissimus dorsi muscles. Additionally most of us do not have too many reasons to reach our arms overhead enough which results in weak and stiff shoulders and arms

#3 Backpack

How to: Place the strap under your arms, around your upper back. Circle the straps up and over your shoulder. Cross the straps around your back. Wrap the strap in front and buckle the strap

Benefits: This will correct your posture, release tension in your neck and shoulders, lift your chest improving your breathing, improve your mood, alleviate fatigue.

Those are my 3 ways to use yoga straps for shoulder pain. If you have any more, I would love to see them. Send me a video in instagram @drmelissawest

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