Two Best Yoga Exercises if you Sit Too Much

by Melissa West on June 5, 2013

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Too much time sitting can lead to problems

Too-much-time-sittingToday’s question comes to us from the membership site from Mary and she asks: Do you have any classes for those of us who spend too much time sitting. That is always something I need.

That is a great question Mary. I have lots of classes that are a great antidote to too much sitting.
Yoga for grounding. Yoga for sciatica. Happy hips. Hips and Hamstrings. Yoga for Posture…. and even Feet First.

One of the best yoga postures for people who spend too much time sitting is lunge pose because it opens up your psoas muscle (your hip flexors) from being in that constant state of contraction from sitting all the time.

Another great pose to practice if you sit a lot is plank pose because sitting weakens your core muscles especially your abdominals and low back.


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