Today I am going to show you one yoga exercise to release your shoulders

by Melissa West on August 7, 2014

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Shoulder Shorts Promotion

Shoulder-Shorts-YogaHi I’m Dr. Melissa West, host of Namaste Yoga. Did you know that we also have a membership area where we provide value added content for people who want to go deeper with their practice? If you’re already a member keep listening there’s more here for you too. This month we are releasing 10 twenty-thirty minute Shoulder-Short videos requested by our members inspired by the much loved videos full length videos Upper Back Neck and Shoulders One  and Two . That’s almost 5 hours of brand new exclusive content.

Why would you want 10 twenty-30 minute short videos for your shoulders?

Today I am going to show you one yoga exercise to release your shoulders. But before I do, I’ll give you three reasons why.


#1 Fine motor movement of your hands such as working on your computer or texting causes your arms to move less and your shoulder girdle to stabilize. This means stiff shoulders if not countered with movements that put your arms and shoulders through a full range of motion.


#2 The shoulders are all about shouldering a lot of responsibility from work, children, aging parents. We all have more duties and obligations weighing us down. Again, yoga to free up our shoulder girdle can help us to release the somatic emotional burden of responsibility.


#3 Sitting at a computer, long commutes and pouring over electronic devices can cause our postures to become slouched. Slouched posture with rounded shoulders overstretch and strain

your upper back and neck and shorten and weaken the muscles between your shoulder blades. Habitual slouching collapses your chest, compresses your thoracic diaphragm and lead to stress injuries and dysfunction in your shoulder joints. This series focuses on releasing your neck and mobilizing your shoulder girdle.

Shoulder shorts is filled with many more unique, new, and innovative yoga movements designed to bring freedom and ease back into your shoulder girdle.



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