Yoga with Melissa 102, Yoga of Emotions: Anger

by Melissa West on

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Yoga with Melissa 102 is on the Emotions of Anger. Continuing our series based on Peter Marchand’s The Yoga of Nine Emotions we will navigate the emotion of anger. In the yoga community there may be this misconception that it is all rainbows, unicorns and butterflies – but let’s get real, we’re real people, living in the real world, and anger is a real emotion that we will encounter in our day to day lives. It is incredibly important that anger is expressed in a non-violent and honest way. Once anger has found its release valve then we can work on countering the fire of anger with the calming, cooling energy of the moon. In this episode we will focus on the cooling qualities of the moon with moon salutation and various calming and cooling breaths. We will also explore techniques for releasing anger.

We begin our hatha yoga class today with a reclined side bend to prepare for our moon poses to come later in the class. While we are on the ground we do some reclined hip openers with our strap and a tennis ball. When we come to seated we will do some square breath. Following downward facing dog we come up to standing for moon salutation. After moon salutations we come to seated for sitali breath which is a cooling breath.

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