Yoga with Melissa 103, Yoga of Emotions: Calmness

by Melissa West on

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Yoga with Melissa 103 is on Calmness. This continues our series of classes of hatha yoga classes onemotions based on Peter Marchand’s book, The Yoga of the Nine Emotions. We begin the class with a Tich Nhat Hanh mantra and then move into a series of mini yoga vinyasas inspired by Mark Whitwell, Ron Stapleton and Michael Stone. Calmness is a sattvic emotion and thus promotes harmony, peace, and stillness in our minds, bodies, emotions and spirits. Melissa explores how the rasa shanta (calmness) relates to the vata ayurvedic dosha and following your dharma.

We begin in a reclined position and open up your hamstrings, shoulders and hips. From there we come up to a quadruped position and move through a vinyasa to open up your spine and your hamstrings from downward facing dog. Then we move through lunge pose and pyramid pose to further open up your hamstrings and hips. When we come to standing we do two variations on moon pose. From there we do legs up the wall and massage your spine. In sphinx pose we continue to mobilize your spine with some twists. Then we come to wide legged seated forward fold for a forward fold series to induce calmness.

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