Yoga with Melissa 105, Yoga of Emotions: Wonder

by Melissa West on December 5, 2011

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Yoga with Melissa 105,  shows an exciting gateway into dropping the over-rationalizing egoic mind, suspending “reason” and entering into wonder. In this hatha yoga class,  we will open up to the wonder and miracle of life. We begin by bringing awareness to our breath, the very thing which brings us life without even consciously being aware of it. Not only that, but your breath spreads prana (life-force energy) through all the 72, 000 nadis of your body. That awareness alone can drop you into the emotion of wonder. Tuning into the miracles of life such as the birth of a baby and creation itself we will explore some of the various depictions of Brahma (the God of creation) through fish and tortoise poses. Wonder is rajasic and heats our internal fire so we will also explore postures and breath practices to stoke our internal fire.

After the teachings on wonder, we will come onto our bellies to warm up our spine with some cobra building. Following cobra we will come into lunge pose to open up the front of your hips and then downward facing dog to elongate your spine and open up the backs of your legs. Following downward facing dog we will come into dying warrior pose. After dying warrior pose we will do some kapalabhati breath. Following the kapalabhati breath we come into boat pose. When you come to standing you will do some variations on chair pose and wide-legged standing forward fold. Your backbend for today is fish pose followed by seated lord of the fish pose. Your forward fold is bound angle pose. We will round out our practice with a fire mudra.

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