Yoga with Melissa 109 Vishnu Series: Fish Pose or Matsyasana

by Melissa West on December 5, 2011

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Yoga with Melissa 109 is on Fish Pose or Matsyasna. Vishnu’s first avatar was as a fish to guide Manu’s arc (with two of every creature) to safety after a great flood. Vishnu is the God of preservation and takes on various avatars to protect the universe as needed. This episode of Yoga with Melissa focuses on fish pose (matsya) with lots of twists and side bends to prepare our spines for the backbend. This class will open your chest, release tension from your neck and bring balance through the vishnu mudra and alternate nostril breathing to end the class.

The class begins in supported fish pose and then you will come down to a reclined twist and do some hip openers. We do some cobra building and some neck releases. We continue with our spinal releasing with cat pose and gate pose. In downward facing dog and pigeon we release our hips. When we come to standing we open our chest with a simple chest opener. Rabbit pose is our inversion before fish pose. We come up to seated for the seated twisting version of fish pose before finishing our class with the balancing alternate nostril breathing.

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