Yoga with Melissa 110, Vishnu Series Tortoise Pose

by Melissa West on December 5, 2011

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Yoga with Melissa 110 is on Tortoise pose or Kurmasana. This is the second incarnation of Vishnu. We will explore the tortoise as a symbol of perseverance with a discerning mind. When has perseverance served me in my life? When I have persevered to my own detriment. This class features postures that open up your hips and groin and creates space at the back of your pelvis around your sacrum.

We begin with the teachings on Vishnu and then lie down to do some hip releases. When we sit up we do the tortoise mudra. We follow the mudra with frog pose and some lunge pose variations. We come to standing and do some variations on side angle pose. When we come back down to sitting we do several variations of tortoise pose and some twists to help us come into the pose. We finish with reclined bound angle pose.

Props Needed: bolster, 2 blocks

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