Yoga with Melissa 111 Vishnu Series: Lion’s Pose or Simhasana

by Melissa West on April 21, 2011

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Yoga with Melissa 111 is on Lion’s Pose or Simhasana. In this hatha yoga class, we explore Vishnus incarnation as part lion part man. Through the practice of lions pose or simhasana you will explore your fierceness, bravery, and independence. Neck releases clear your throat passage so you won’t be afraid to roar if you feel threatened or intruded upon. Lions have huge paws that gracefully and fully connect to the ground. The practice features some yoga for your hands and feet to allow your lion’s paws to fully connect with the earth. In lion’s pose your eyes turn up to your third eye so there is also some eye yoga to strengthen your eyes.

Following the teachings on Vishnu’s incarnation as part lion, part man, we lie down for some eye yoga and neck releases. When we come to seated we do some hand and foot yoga. From kneeling we do some spinal releases and then we come to standing and continue our neck releases and eye yoga. Sun salutations prepare us for Lion’s Pose. We get a boat pose for core strength in there before we come to reclined bound angle pose to round out our practice.


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