Yoga with Melissa 114, Vishnu Series, Buddha

by Melissa West on December 23, 2011

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Yoga with Melissa 114 is on Vishnu’s incarnation as Buddha. This continues our series of hatha yoga classes on Vishnu’s avatars with his ninth incarnation as Buddha. In this incarnation Vishnu came to remove suffering from the world. In this practice we will focus on the shared Buddhist and yogic concepts of mindfulness, letting go of effort, being open to present moment experience and focusing on being rather than doing.

We begin with the teachings and the story of Vishnu’s incarnation as Buddha and then come into a reclined position to open up our hamstrings with supta padangusthasana. When we come to kneeling we come into cat pose to release your spine, pigeon pose to release your hips and downward facing dog to further release your spine and hamstrings. When we come standing we will practice triangle pose, tree pose and a standing forward fold before we come to supported shoulderstand. Our backbend today is fish pose followed by a seated twist and then half cow’s face forward fold. We will finish with a short mudra in seated meditation.


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