Yoga with Melissa 118 Beginner´s Yoga: Opening Organically to Breath

by Melissa West on

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Yoga with Melissa 118 is a beginner’s yoga class on breath. This hatha yoga class is about opening gently to the organic flow of breath in your body without forcing or grasping. We will begin by bringing awareness to breath in three parts of your torso: your belly, your rib cage and your chest. This class focuses on opening up your side body like a fish opening up its gills. This allows your breath to quietly and softly move through your body with ease and serenity. This is a beautiful class that will be appreciated by beginners and more experienced and nuanced practitioners alike.

Our beginner hatha yoga class on breathing starts with three part breath. From there we do a modified version of apanasana or knee to chest pose to open up your breath in your pelvis. This is followed with a gentle reclined twist to bring awareness to your breath in your side body. Cat pose on your forearms opens up your thoracic spine and your upper lungs. This is followed by gate pose for further opening of your side body and intercostals. When we come to standing we do a nice version of side bending with cow´s face arms to continue to open your side body. Then we do side angle pose. In legs up the wall we come to a deep level of breath awareness with the sharira hand body mudra series. We then come to seated for an open twist to experience the openness of our breath. You will finish your class by taking your savasana in supported fish pose with a bolster.

Props Needed: Bolster


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