Yoga with Melissa 119 Lining Up Hips, Knees, Ankles and Feet

by Melissa West on

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Yoga with Melissa 119 is all about lining up your hip, knees and ankle joints. This hatha yoga class is excellent for anybody suffering with knee issues or arthritis in their hips or knees. In this class imagine your hip, knee and ankle joints as three dots that create a straight line. These simple movements will traction your joints to create lubrication and safe movement in your joints. We will combine these movement with breath and mantra. Drawing on Thich Nhat Hanh’s beautiful manta’s “In, Out. Calm, Smile. Present Moment, Beautiful Moment.” these beautiful mantras will combine with movement to create a simple yet meaningful yoga class.

The hatha yoga class begins with dead bug pose on the ground to loosen up your joints. We then do some variations on supta padangusthasana and half reclined heros pose to open up your hip and knee joints. Cat pose and paschimottanasana variations continue our theme of mobilizing your hip, knee and ankle joints. In standing you will practice chair pose and warrior variations to facilitate safe placement of your knees. We finish with a bent knee savasana.


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