Yoga with Melissa 120 Breathe, Love and Let Go

by Melissa West on

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This class grew out of my own personal experience of learning to live with a genetic neurological disease of multiple daily migraine attacks over the last eight weeks. Out of this experience I have learned that all that matters is to breathe, love and let go. During this time, my breath has become my lifeline. In this class we will check in and ask ourselves, Am I breathing? Where do I feel breath in my body? The first yama of yoga practice is ahimsa and this will come front and center in this practice as we will ask ourselves, How can I be more loving towards myself in this pose? Finally we will explore the concept of letting go both through our breath but also letting go of unnecessary thoughts and tension in our bodies. Join us for a deeply profound class that you will no doubt return to again and again.

This class begins with you lying in crocodile pose while I share the teachings with you. From there we move into some front lying hip openers and sphinx pose. Next we go into some variations of couch pose, followed by some variations of bridge pose. Following bridge pose we do sleeping pigeon. From there we come to standing for tree pose with a mudra. We close out our class with janu sirsasana and some variations.


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