Yoga with Melissa 125, Ganesh Series: Ganesh Teaches us About Discernment

by Melissa West on April 26, 2012

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Sage Vyasa was meditating in the Himalayas. Lord Brahma appeared before him and asked him to write the Mahabharatham for the benefit of all.

Sage Vyasa said that he could not compose the verse and write it down too and therefore asked for the help of someone wise, who would write down as he sang.

Brahma asked sage Vyasa to pray to Lord Ganesha to help him. Ganesha told Vyasa that he had enormous work to do and hence he would write it down, only if Vyasa was quick in singing it.

For his turn, Sage Vyasa requested that Ganesha should understand the meaning of the verse and only then put it down in writing.

Vyasa started singing. Whenever he felt Ganesha was writing too fast for him, he would come with a difficult verse, thus by the time Ganesha could decipher the meaning, he would have composed several more verses in his mind.

Lord Ganesha wrote on Mount Meru using his tusk.

Sage Vyasa is supposed to have sung 8,800 granthams, which were difficult for Ganesha to decipher. He has himself stated that Ganesha, Sage Vyasa himself and his Sugan are probably the only ones who know the meaning of those 8,800 granthams.

Only the remaining 1 lakh granthams is assumed to be on the earth.

The Mahabharatham is considered the fifth Veda.

What should we take away from this story?

Even the great and wise Ganesh showed incredible discernment. He didn’t trouble us with tones of esoteric knowledge. He distilled the knowledge down into 1 piece to be taken away. This is what the eagle does by soaring high in the sky, backs up to gain perspective. We can do this in our lives too, we can back away from a situation to gain perspective. We can also turn inwards in meditation into ourselves to find our own internal answers, blocking out all the noise of the world for perspective. Sometimes we need to zoom out, sometimes we need to zoom in and we can see the entire universe is waiting inside of us. We will practice working with this perspective in our hatha yoga class today.

Props Needed – bolster, 2 block, wall

Yoga Postures/Asanas: Legs Up The Wall or Viparita Karini, Sleeping Eagle with Legs up the Wall, Keyhole or Sleeping Pigeon, Reclined Cows Face Twist or Supta Parivrtta Gomukhasana, Knee to chest or apanasana, Pigeon or Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, Eagles Arms with Goddess Victory Squat or Garudasana Arms with Utkata Konasana, Peaceful Warrior Warrior One with Eagles Arms or Virabhadrasana One with Garudasana Arms, Tree Pose with Garuda Mudra or Vrikasana with Garuda Mudra, Sphinx Pose or Salamba Bhujangasana, Supported Fish or Salamba Matsyasana, Reclined Twist or Jathara Parivartanasana, Mudra of deep insight



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