Yoga with Melissa 141 Keepin’ it Real Yogi Acceptance

by Melissa West on August 23, 2012

The sixth attitude of mindfulness presented by Jon Kabat Zin in his book Full Catastrophe Living is acceptance. Zin describes acceptance as seeing things as they actually are or coming to terms with things as they are. He points out that we waste a lot of energy denying things that are already a fact. Jon Kabat says you have to accept yourself as you are before you can really change. In fact, intentionally cultivating acceptance creates the preconditions for healing. He says that you don’t have to like everything or take a passive attitude towards everything or be satisfied with things as they are or resigned to tolerating things as they have to be, it just means coming around to seeing things as they are.

Acceptance is not about resignation or I give up. It’s about acknowledging reality as it is right now. To what extent are you able to notice what is happening right now and accept it, in this moment just as it is? If accepting isn’t happening, notice that too. It’s not always going to be this way, but this is how it is right now. What feels imperfect right now might just be perfect in the big picture. All experience is valid. All experience can be accepted for what it is. To what extent can you accept what is as a precondition to change? Can you accept what you become aware of and also notice your non-accepting, validating both as parts of your unique reality?

In today’s class we will practice tree pose as a powerful symbol of acceptance. Trees graciously withstand the seasons releasing their leaves in the fall, waiting patiently through winter for their rebirth in the spring. They sway in the wind and yet do not snap under pressure. They do all this with acceptance and without resistance. Thank you for making us Canada’s Number One Free Full Length One Hour Online Yoga Show. Thank you for Leaving Your Comments and Ratings on Youtube and Itunes.

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