Yoga with Melissa 142 Keepin’ it Real Yogi Letting Go

by Melissa West on August 31, 2012

The final attitude that Jon Kabat Zin presents in his book Full Catastrophe Living for mindfulness is letting go. In many Buddhists circles this quality is described at non-attachment. There are many thoughts, feelings and situations in our minds that we want to hang on to. If they are pleasant we try to prolong them. If they are unpleasant we try to get rid of them or protect ourselves from having them. Mindfulness would suggest we shouldn’t strive for some aspect of an experience and reject others; rather to allow an experience to be what it is. Letting go is a way of accepting things as they are according to Jon Kabat Zin.

In yoga we have so many opportunities to let go in our practice. First of all through our breath. Every time we exhale we let go of toxins. A falling out breath gives us the opportunity to release, as if you are putting something down. As you are practicing yoga asanas you can release tension from your body. Ask yourself, is there anywhere that I am holding, tense? Can I let that go? When you work the physical and energetic body through asana and breath you are affecting all the other layers of your being (thoughts, emotions and spirit) and so you are releasing on other levels as well. In this class we will release the tight muscles of the hips in order to let go into forward folds.

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