Beginner Yoga, How to do Triangle Pose, Yoga with Melissa 156

by Melissa West on December 15, 2012

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Props Needed: yoga blocks, yoga strap

Yoga Poses/Asanas: reclined side bend, supta pandangusthasana/reclined hand to toe pose, keyhole stretch (figure four or thread the needle stretch), gate pose/parighasana, lunge pose/anjaneyasana, forward folding triangle, parsvottanasana, Triangle Pose/Trikonasana, Matseyndrasana/seated spinal twist

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Show Notes: Yoga with Melissa 156 Beginner Yoga Triangle Pose/Trikonasana

Welcome to Yoga with Melissa, I’m so happy you’ve decided to try a beginner yoga class. Whether this is your first class or you are a seasoned practitioner with beginner’s mind all are welcome here.

In this yoga class I will teach you how to do triangle pose. This is a yoga class for complete beginners. I will offer lots of modifications and explain the benefits of the pose. I offer easy to follow, step by step, slow instructions. You can practice this yoga class if you are completely new to yoga, if you are inflexible and if you have no balance. his is real yoga for real people, yoga that you can do, so that you can move better, feel better and connect with your true nature.

Triangle pose can be a challenging pose for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. Don’t worry, we’ll take it slow and use lots of preparatory poses to get our bodies ready for triangle pose. Trikonasana is known to improve digestion and circulation, it helps to relieve menopausal discomfort, it helps to relieve symptoms of sciatica, stretches your arches, calves, hamstrings, and groin, opens your throat, shoulders, and hips, lengthens your spine, stabilizes and strengthens your legs and torso, and increases your muscular endurance. Mentally it it builds focus, develops willpower, stimulates your mind, and relieves stress.

The pose itself requires flexibility and stability in your legs, as well as openness in your hips, torso, chest and shoulders. There is a lot to focus on in this pose, so we will take it slow.

What to expect: I will begin by sharing what to expect in this yoga class. You will start by lying down on your back in savasana/corpse pose, which is just a fancy way of saying you will lie on your back on the floor. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, it allows you to transition from the multi-dimensional focus and demands of your day to day life to the singular focus of your yoga practice. During your time on your yoga mat you will have the luxury of just focusing on you. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Secondly it gives you an opportunity to settle in and center yourself. I will guide you in this process by asking you to focus on your breath. Finally it gives your body a chance to let go to the pull of gravity. The muscular tension of your body can already begin to release here even before you begin practicing yoga postures.

After savasana you will stay lying on your back for some “warm-up” postures, not in the sense to warm-up your body like doing a cardio warm-up, but more to prepare your body for other postures to come. In today’s class you will prepare your body by opening up your torso and stretching out your hamstrings and hips. From there you will come to kneeling and continue to open up your torso and shoulders with gate pose and continue with opening your hips and hamstrings with lunge pose and standing forward folding triangle.

Then your body will be prepared for triangle pose. I like to build triangle pose from the ground up. This avoids the searing action that often gets placed on the SI joint when you come into the pose from standing. After triangle pose we will take advantage of your open hips and chest with a seated twist, matsyendrasana. After your yoga practice, you will have a chance to receive and integrate your practice with savasana/corpse pose.

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