Yoga with Melissa 160 Wildlife of Florida: Dolphin, Alligator and Tortoise Pose Intermediate Yoga

by Melissa West on January 11, 2013

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Yoga with Melissa 160 Wildlife of Florida Intermediate Yoga: Dolphin, Alligator, and Tortoise

Props Needed: Yoga Mat

Yoga Asanas: savasana/corpse pose, Cat Pose/Marjaryasana, Thread the Needle, Dolphin Pose/Makarasana, Alligator/makarasana, Pigeon Pose/Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, Palm Tree/Talasana, Tree Pose/Vrksasana, Sun Salutation/Surya Namaskar, Cloud Salutation/Megha Namaskar, King Pigeon/Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, Cow’s Face/Gomukasana, Tortoise Pose/kurmasana

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This hatha yoga class was inspired by a family vacation in Florida. We were inspired by the incredible ecosystems we immersed ourselves in for a beautiful week from 500 year old trees, dolphins, manatees, tortoise, alligators, sunshine, birds of the Florida coast and palm trees.

The inspiration for this week’s class was a sighting of dolphins in the wild and so we will practice dolphin’s pose. Alligators sunning themselves make a perfect counterpose to the upper body strength required for dolphin pose. The birds of Florida are beautiful and varied. Today we will practice pigeon pose, but there were egrets, ibis, herons, anhingas, and pelicans everywhere! The vegetation in Florida is lush and gorgeous. One day we had the incredible opportunity to go into a Florida forest and visit 500 year old trees. In today’s class we will practice tree pose and palm tree pose in their honour.

I couldn’t possibly do a class on Florida without surya namaskar- worshiping the sun! I’ve thrown in cloud salutation as well because the occasional cloud floating by is a welcome relief from the constant Florida sunshine. We also went to visit the Manatees which are known as the sea cows and so we will practice cow’s face pose in this class. We will finish our class today with tortoise pose. I hope you enjoy my Florida wildlife homage.

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