Yoga with Melissa 188, Fearless Yoga: Kaal Ratri Durga, Fire Breathing Goddess, Durga Series

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Yoga with Melissa Episode 188 Kaal Ratri Durga: A Fire Breathing Benevolent Goddess

Namaste-Yoga-Episdoe-188A fire breathing benevolent Goddess

We have reached the most violent form of Durga with Kaal Ratri Durga. She is black like the Goddess Kali, she breathes fire, she has wild and crazy hair, lightening coming from her necklace, she carries a thorn-like weapon made of iron, a dagger and a sword. She is the fiercest form of Durga and her appearance alone invokes fear. Some say lightning bolts radiate from her three eyes and flames appear in her nostrils as she breathes in and out. She drinks blood and rides a donkey, often considered a donkey’s corpse! This is one scary lady!

Or is she?

The appearance of Maa Kalaratri can be seen as being very dangerous for evil-doers. Kaal Ratri Durga is the destroyers of all demons, entities, ghosts, spirits and negative energies. She is so frightening, they vanish at her appearance. It was Kaal Ratri Durga who was finally able to destroy the demon Raktabeej, the demon who would multiply from every drop of blood as it dropped to the ground. Kaal Ratri is not just a thoughtly blood sucking monster, but a benevolent Goddess who saved the universe by stopping the blood from reaching the ground and finally conquering the spreading of this evil demon Raktabeej all over the universe. She uses her weapons to battle against evil.

Kaal is dedicated to the time and death of ratri which means night and so Kaal Ratri is the one who destroys ignorance and removes darkness. She is very kind to her devotees. Her right hand is raised in a boon giving gesture, her lower right hand is held in such a way as to allay fears and her gesture of protection offers us freedom from our fears and troubles. Kaal Ratri is also known as “Shubhamkari” – the one who does good.

Kaal Ratri is worshipped on the seventh day of Navaratri. She is believed to endow her devotees with both calm and courage. Kaal Ratri is known to remove the darkness of worry from the lives of her devotees and make them fearless. She blesses her followers to overcome all the difficulties of life. Who wouldn’t want this Goddess on their side?

Props Needed

: Yoga Mat, Yoga Blanket

Asanas/Yoga Postures

: Kundalini Kriya to Energize, Stretch Pose, Nose to Knees pose, Ego Eradicator, keyhole stretch, happy baby pose/ananda balasana, dead bug pose, Anjaneyasana/lunge pose, Breath of Joy, Natarajasana/Dancer Pose, Utkata Konasana/Goddess Victory Squat with Mudra for Recharging, Wide legged standing forward fold/Prasarita Padottanasana, Reclined Twist/ Jathara Parivartanasana, Mudra for Recharging

Jyoti Jyoti Jyoti Swayam
Jyoti Jyoti Jyoti Param
Jyoti Jyoti Jyoti Arul
Jyoti Jyoti Jyoti Shivam
Vaam Jyoti Soma Jyoti
Vaan Jyoti Gyan Jyoti
Maaha Jyoti Yoga Jyoti
Vaat Jyoti Naad Jyoti
Aim Jyoti Vyom Jyoti
Airu Jyoti Veeru Jyoti
Ek Jyoti Ek Jyoti
Ek Jyoti Jyotiye

Light O Light of Self-Effulgence
Light O Light of Absoluteness
Light O Light of Gracefulness
Light O Light of Auspiciousness
Light of Siva, Light of Moon
Light Divine, Light of Wisdom
Light of Heaven, Light of Yoga
Light of Wind, Light of Sound
Light Delight, Light of Water
Rising Light, Vital Light
The Only Light, The Only Light
Give us Light, O Light of Lights.

Photos of the Yoga Poses and Postures


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