Yoga with Melissa 71 Restorative Yoga Full Class

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Props Needed: 2 blocks, yoga strap, yoga bolster, blanket

In this restorative yoga class you will use the yoga props, including blocks, bolsters, yoga straps and blankets to support your body into resting, relaxing, and letting go deeply. As you allow yourself to be supported by the ground and the props underneath you, your body will relax deeply, your mind will become still and you will receive incredible balance and healing in the space of an hour long restorative yoga class. This restorative yoga class will balance your nervous system by tapping into your parasympathetic nervous system. Our lives move at a frenetic pace and restorative creates balance in a world of continual speed and distraction. Our day to day experience is incredibly distracted as our attention is continually pulled in a million directions and restorative yoga gives you the space and time for introspection and contemplation. When you spend most of your days looking after the external demands of others, this is a style of yoga that is deeply nurturing and nourishing.

This restorative yoga practice includes long holds in supported bridge pose or salamba setu bandhasana, legs up the wall or viparita karani, child’s pose or balasana, reclined bound angle pose or supta baddha konasana and savasana.

Would you like more restorative yoga?

We currently have 8 (and always growing) restorative yoga classes in our membership community ranging from 20 mins – 2 hours. Restorative Yoga for Anxiety, Restorative Yoga for Digestion, A 2 Hour Goddess Restorative Yoga Class, Restorative Yoga for Adrenals and Restorative Yoga for when you are ill, to name a few.

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