Mentor with Melissa

Mentor with Melissa is an online 10 Week Intensive Training Program for Yoga Teachers (any teachers, or anybody wishing to take their yoga practice deeper) departing from a place of intention on how to live your life from a deeply loving and heart centered place, giving yourself the gift of unconditional acceptance both of shadow and light that is at the core of yoga when you come to know your True Self. From there you will learn to give these gifts of intention, loving kindness, acceptance and acknowledgement to your students. The program will involve a whole-hearted commitment to a personal meditation and yoga practice at home each day as well as journaling exercises. This will be a deeply transformational and life-enhancing experience. The program will be limited to only 8 people.

Week 1 – Introduction
Week 2- Sankalpa/Intention
Week 3 – Loving Kindness towards Self
Week 4 – Acceptance
Week 5 – Acknowledgement
Week 6 – Teaching Intention
Week 7 – Giving Loving Kindness
Week 8 – Offering Acceptance
Week 9 – Acknowledging Your Students
Week 10 – Conclusion

“This will be sacred, divinely inspired, heart-centered work.” Melissa

Your commitment:
30 minutes of daily meditation
20-60 minutes of daily yoga practice
30 minutes of daily journaling
1 hour meeting once a week with group for seminar style lecture starting Fall, 2015 (day of week and time to be determined by group)

Technological Requirements:
Computer, with video camera, headphones, Googleplus account

Interview with Melissa

You will receive:
Access to the membership site
Course syllabus

Cost for the course is $579 and can be purchased here:

Next course Fall 2015

If you would like to be notified when the course becomes available send me your information below.
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