Frog pose and its benefits

by Melissa West on November 12, 2013

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Yoga Pose Benefits:

Benefits-of-Frog-poseHi Melissa,
could you please tell me in which episode or lesson we did “frog pose”?
I really liked that session, but I can’t seem to find it again…
Thank you for everything,

Dear Carla,

Let’s talk a little bit about frog pose, its benefits both metaphysical and physical.

Frog pose stretches out your inner thighs, groin and hips. It is a fantastic second chakra pose and relates a lot to the water element, flexibility and fluidity. Tightness in your groin may have to do with inflexibility, sexual repression and inhibition. Weight gain in the hip area can be a desire to keep sexual intimacy at a distance.

With frog pose you are creating external rotation of your hips from your pelvis. Your pelvis represents the beginning of moving energy from your legs into the world. Your hips are symbolic of how you feel about the movement you are taking within yourself and the world.

Stiffness in your hips can be due to holding on to the past until eventually you become immobile. Life is in a constant state of change and our hips represent this area of continual motion. Are resisting change in your life?

Frogs are associated with water, it is toads that are always found on dry land. Therefor frog encourage us to get in touch with the water element. It may be that things are becoming stagnant in your life and you need to invite in flow.

Water is associated with emotions. The frog pose which also resides at the second chakra in our pelvis (the same site of emotions) reminds us to feel our emotions fully and to allow them to flow. Try not to allow yourself to drown in any one given emotion.

Frogs hop and leap. It might also be time for you to leap into something new.
We’ve done frog pose in lots of lessons. Here are some of them I hope the one you are looking for are among the ones I found.…ed-yoga-class/…ppy-baby-pose/

Hope that helps!

Namaste, Melissa


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