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Yoga-for-HypertensionThese last two weeks I have been presented with various people that have hidden hypertension. Meaning that the hypertension is coming almost for sure from an emotional imbalance then because they consume salt fat or from ayurveda have a kapha type hypertension that has to do with food.

All three seem to have inner also unconscious tensions even though they all live here in this little village that I live in that is calm has political challenges and what i find most interesting they are all three pitta and it is hot here dry and the sun is very strong. Anyways I was looking to see if you had an a class on hypertension or else if at one point you would be so kind to explore this topic in one of your classes. Yes blood flow and your circulation is excellent for them too yet maybe you have some more insight into this Pathology.

Love love love to you blessings
So first of all, what is hypertension. Well this is just a fancy word for high blood pressure. It means that there is too much pressure in your blood vessels. Blood pressure is the force of blood necessary to deliver nutrients and oxygen to your blood vessels.

People with high blood pressure are at risk of heart attack, stroke, heart failure, dementia, kidney disease, eye problems, and erectile dysfunction.

The most important thing you need to do, since I am a Ph.D. in communications and cultural studies and not a medical doctor is get the OK from your medical doctor to practice yoga. Hypertension Canada recommends 30-60 minutes of moderate physical activity a day, meaning you breath a little harder and sweat a little bit, but again this needs to be under the supervision of your medical doctor. (link)

They also recommend managing your stress levels by learning relaxation techniques. Both of these recommendations make yoga seem like a good fit.

Inversions are commonly contraindicated in yoga for people with high blood pressure. Inversions place your head below your heart causing a pooling of blood and pressure coming into your head. In extreme cases, the hypertension combined with the increased blood flow to your head can cause the blood vessels to hemorrhage. I would also avoid kapalabhati breath which raises your blood pressure.

The most important thing as always, is to listen to your own body. Pay attention to your own body. If you feel increased pressure or your heart starts to race, back off and breathe deeply. You know your own body best, you are your own best teacher, so listen and respond appropriately.

Alternate Nostril Breathing would be a great practice.
(episode 208 has alternate nostril breathing in it)

I will create a whole class on it at some point.

Anything that calms your nervous system is going to be good for hypertension.
Here’s a free class for your nervous system
and a blog post where I link to several:

I would recommend this free class for stress: Link

There is also this amazing video called Yoga for Anxiety and Yoga for Grounding


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