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Yoga Super Powers!

Namaste-Yoga-190Siddhidatri Grants Yogi Superpowers

We have reached our final class in the Durga series with Siddhidatri Durga, the Goddess who removes ignorance, gives knowledge and makes each soul pure. Siddhi means true realization of God. Siddhi also refers to an unusual skill or ability. Siddhidatri means one who enables devotees to realize God. Siddhidatri is worshipped on the ninth and final day of Navratri. She provides her devotees with health, wealth and God realization. Even Shiva himself worships Siddhidatri to receive all the siddhis that she offers to her devotees.

After the preceding eight days of Navratri and the eight other forms of Durga, it is assumed that devotees have all their mundane and worldly desires fulfilled. By the ninth day, there remains nothing that Siddhidatri could possibly give them. And so the devotee becomes completely free of desire and spiritual aspiration becomes the only goal of their practice. At this point there is nothing to acquire.

While Siddhidatri is the Goddess of wealth, she is also the Goddess of beauty, worldly accomplishments, arts, and sciences. Siddhidatri is well-known for giving supernatural powers. As far as the occult powers go Siddhidatri offers 8 siddhis. 1) Anima: a yogi can become as small as possible 2) mahima – a yogi can become as big as possible, as large as the whole universe in fact 3) laghima – a yogi can make their body as light as a feather and through this power they can travel thousands of miles through the sky per minute, 4) garima – a yogi can make themselves as heavy as a mountain, 5) prapti – a yogi can touch the highest things such as the moon or the sky and through this superpower they can see the future, read thoughts, understand the languages of animals and birds, understand foreign languages and cure diseases, 6) prakamya – can dive into the water and come out anytime they like and through this power they can become invisible, 7) vashitvam – can tame wild animals and bring them under control and hypnotise people, 8) Ishitvam – a yogi can attain divine power and become the Lord of the universe and through this power can restore life to the dead.

So as you can see, Siddhidatri is a very powerful Goddess. It is no wonder she is the form of Durga who blesses all Gods, saints, yogis, tantrics and devotees.

Asanas/Postures: supta padangusthasana/hand to big toe pose, pigeon pose/eka pada rajakapotasana, Marjaryasana/cat pose on forearms, Pranayam, kapalabhati/skull shining breath, down dog on forearms, Mountain/Tadasana , Ardha Chandrasana/half Moon Balancing Pose, Pincha Mayurasana/Peacock Feather, Matsyasana/Fish Pose, Matsyendrasana/ Half Lord of the Fishes Pose , apanasana/knees to chest pose, ardha gomukhasana /half cow’s face, Mudra for upper chakras

Twam vaishnavi sakthiranantha veerya,
Viswasya bheejam paramasi maya.
Sammohitham devi, samastha metha,
Twam vai prasanna bhuvi mukthi hethu

Props: Yoga Strap, Block

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